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Sea Spirit Creations is a small family run business based just north of Port Isaac in Cornwall, where we handmake our jewellery and prepare our ocean-inspired gifts.

We are passionate about helping ocean lovers feel connected to the sea wherever they are. Having spent years wanting to be nearer the ocean, in 2023 we finally took the giant leap of faith and relocated to be by the sea.

Now we help fellow sea spirits feel connected to the sea wherever they are and love every second.

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Abbie Kench

The Sea Spirit studio is the heart of the creative process, where you'll find Abbie making solid silver pendants, from silver seashells to personalised silver surf boards and jewellery made from locally collected sea glass. You’ll also find abstract seascapes in the form of prints, greeting cards and original paintings.

Abbie's artistic journey stretches back to 20 years ago where she held her first seascape exhibition, whilst studying art Therapy at university. Having worked therapeutically and creatively with people most of her life, Abbie quit the busy life of the NHS to enjoy the quiet comfort of her own studio to do what she loves the most - create! 

"I feel very lucky to live by the sea so I am always drawing inspiration from the Cornish coastline, every day I am learning, evolving and creating"

Abbie Kench Sea Spirit Creations
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We want people to feel empowered and connected to the sea wherever they are, by ensuring everyone can adorn themselves in creations that symbolise the magic of the sea. We will also drive the message of marine conservation through everything we do and encourage everyone to take more care of the oceans around us.


To create alluring jewellery, artwork and accessories to uplift and excite every sea lover's spirit, whilst promoting an environmentally friendly way of living. Our oceans are the lungs of the planet so need support from all those who love the waves, which is why we only use sustainable, locally sourced products and recycled silver, eco-friendly packaging that can be re-used and re-cycled. Sea Spirit Creations intends to give back to this important work by taking part in beach cleans, whilst salvaging gifts from the ocean to reclaim their importance within our jewellery product lines.

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